About Us


We are passionate about the strength of our products and services and the opportunities they present. Additionally, we are confident about your ability to build on the considerable strengths and capabilities of Lungharwo Service.

Being a prime performer in the E-commerce business, we know that no business is recession proof in this cut-throat competitive business world. We are honored to invite you to our family of Lungharwo Service, where we bring the numerous lucrative opportunities for you. Our team of dynamic professionals is the strength of our business because great things in a company can never be handled by one person, it requires the efforts of a team.
Our team member strives to provide you with a complete employment platform that ensures you with various lucrative opportunities through our well-established e-commerce business.We work with the core belief that “success begins at the point where preparations and opportunities.


Our business methodologies comprise 5 core principles including:
Consumer is a king –Work with the aim to strengthen the consumer engagement. To achieve this, we serve them with great products, and services.
Value to Marketing Partners –We will continue to develop new options to provide money-making opportunities for our marketing partners.
Optimal Utilization of Resources –We make optimal utilization of resources to develop new products & marketing strategies that will generate new sources of revenue and profit.
Cutting-edge Technology –We always invest in forefront technologies and tools to provide ease of business and maximize the profits to our marketing partners.
Attainable Freedom –Our working system is flexible and welcome possibilities for new ways of doing our work, organizing ourselves, partnering with others.
Therefore, LUNGHARWO SERVICE’S works with the aim to provide employment opportunity that can help you to make money and improve your professional skills.
We wish you success and a joyful experience in the journey ahead! We are deeply thankful for your friendship and support. There is no one who knows you better than us, and we are thankful that you chose Lungharwo Service as your business partner.